31. 3. 2023

Singles of the Week (13//23)

1) BAD OPTIX - Raid


 New project BAD OPTIX with the release of their debut single “Raid.” Anti-authoritarian anthem “Raid” features breezy, classic Jamaican influenced ska contrasted with a vocal approach aligned with the brute force of punk for a vibe that’s updated but not completely disconnected from early ska legacy. 

Tim Armstrong (Operation Ivy, Rancid, Transplants) 
Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy) 
Joey Castillo (Circle Jerks, The Bronx) 
bassist Spencer Pollard (Trash Talk) 

(digital - Hellcat)

2) Fake Pollocks - The Flashlight 

 News from New York indie-punk / emo band... 
releases March 31, 2023 
mastered by Drew Atz special thanks to Quinton Bunk and Greg Lewis 

(EP - Fake Pollocks)

3) Draag - Demonbird

News from Los Angeles, California indie-rock / shoegaze band... 
Official video for "Demonbird" on "Dark Fire Heresy" LP out on April 28, 2023. Video by Tyler Bradberry Makeup & styling: Jessica Huang Props: Adrian Acosta Camcorder screen footage: Eric Fabbro Special thanks: LIMINAL Space Nathan Hubert & Ryan Pardeiro 
Adrian Acosta – guitar, vocals, synth, composer, drum machine, tape samples 
Jessica Huang – synth, vocals, tape samples 
Ray Montes – guitar 
Nick Kelley – bass 
Shane Graham – drums 

(digital, video - Draag)

4) felicita - Spalarkle (Alys) ft. Caroline Polachek 

 New single from London, UK experimental electronic (Dom Dvorak) 
Video Credits: 
Featuring: felicita, Mia Thunderska, Lily McMenamy Director ~ Umi Ishihara Art Direction / Styling ~ felicita Production ~ Tom Pearce Makeup ~ Alice Dodds Hair ~ Aya Kuraoka Styling Assistant ~ Josh Cook DOP ~ Donny Johnson Gaffer ~ Atikah Zainidi Edit / Grade ~ Robert Fox Special Thanks to: VeniceW, Horse Hospital, Leos Carax
(digital, video - PC Music)

5) Stay Lunar - Distance

 New single from Bristol UK indie-pop / shoegaze band... 

(digital, video - SAM)

Silver Moth - The Eternal (#2 Singles of the Week (10//23)
New video taken from the album "Black Bay" by Silver moth, released 21st April 2023 via Bella Union 
Director, Cinematographer & Editor - Stuart Alexander Producers - Laura Griffin & Stuart Alexander Production Manager - Jim Watson Production Assistants - James Breadner, Sean Williamson, Lauren Williamson, Frank Jackson Stylist & MUA - Michelle Watson 

(video - Bella Union)
Punter - Punter (12")
Moon Cowboy - Go Baby Go /EP/
Bad Blood - The Bad Kind Decides /EP/
digi single, video:
Teresa In The Moon - Nostalgia
Walter Frosch - Forever
Charles Cave - Easy Love
Rahill - Fables (feat. Beck)
Midtown - Cut Your Hair
Oliver Beardmore - The Smiles Don't Reach Their Eyes
Tapeworms - IRL (slowed + reverb)
Aeroplane Mode - This Time
Parks, Squares and Alleys - Shadows
Washer - Not Like You
Ronx - Lost On The Dance Floor
schrader - 2FACE!
Vandal Moon - Sunlight
Chain of Flowers - The Wall
Memorials - Tramps!
Sugar Horse - Thrash Music
Sign Language - Crumbling
Low Hummer - Connected
Foliage - What?
Special Friend - Bête


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