23. 7. 2021

Singles of the Week (29//21)

1) Jesses D'Kora - Far From Home

Debut single from dreampop Manchester...

I'm going home I need to find another way Cos I've been with you too long now and I can't erase The words that stained us yesterday So I caught the train and now I'm Home It's where I go and where I'm coming from It's where I feel like I belong It's liberating now your gone And now it's time that I moved on I'm driving through A valley just to be with you And I'm falling asleep now at the wheel and I crash and burn Like there's any other way The cracks in the windscreen lead me back to Home It's where I go and where I'm coming from It's whereI feel like I belong It's liberating now your gone And I'm moving on and I'm left to curse the memory If only you had moved closer to me And I dreamed of days we wouldn't fight But there's little love left in me tonight I'm going home It's where I go and where I'm coming from It's where I feel like I belong It's liberating now your gone And now it's time that I moved on 

(digital, video - doink)

2) Silurian - All The Things That Matter 
Alternative / Heavy/Shoegaze from Melbourne
(Naarm), Australia credits released July 19, 2021
Written & Performed by: Jim Keller: Lead Vocals, Guitar Louis Smith: Guitar, Vocals Brayden Becher: Drums Sam Davis: Bass, Vocals (3)
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Joshua Bills at Vagabond Studios Artwork by Isaak
(EP - Silurian)

3) Minaxi - sialia

 New material from dream noise shoegaze Brooklyn, New York band 
The collection of songs on “sialia” traverses diverse sonic universes progressively. Combining live instrumentation with synthesized electronic and organic ambient sounds, the EP broadly represents the genres of alternative rock, dream pop, electronica and ambient music. Unlike Minaxi’s previous body of work, sialia does not have an inherent concept; what ties the songs together despite the fluidity of genres is the unifying emotion—the one which drives the themes of love, detachment, self-ascension and nostalgia; the one which is delivered bilingually through the voices of Shrenik Ganatra and Liam Christian, intensified by Steve Carlin’s drumming and supported by guest musicians Milan Ganatra and Luke Santy; the one which beckons the band’s evolution into the forthcoming body of work. credits releases July 23, 2021 Original music composed and performed by Minaxi All songs, sans "B", written by Shrenik Ganatra "B" written and remixed by Liam Christian Produced by Patrick Hunt and Minaxi Mixed by Patrick Hunt Drums for "Violet" and "I Know Where You Go When You Sleep" engineered and recorded by Todd Carder at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn Guitars, Bass, Tabla and Vocals engineered and recorded by Shrenik Ganatra Vocals for "B" engineered and recorded by Liam Christian Drums by Steve Carlin Guitars, vocals and electronics by Liam Christian Guitars, bass, vocals and electronics by Shrenik Ganatra Tabla on "Barsaate" by Milan Ganatra "Violet" remixed by Luke Santy aka LUKEINTERNET Concept, design and creative direction by Shrenik Ganatra
(cassette, EP - Minaxi)


New single from Japan shoegaze band... 
released July 19, 2021
Takamitsu Kawashima/Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Synthesizer Naoki Nishino/Guitar, Vocal Kouta Hoshino/Bass, Vocal Megumu Asai/Drums, Vocal, Illustration Mimu Sano(Hiatus)/Vocal, Illustration Special Thanks Eriko (plant cell, Baby Ever Rain)/Vocal All Words & Music by Takamitsu Kawashima Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Takamitsu Kawashima 


5) YVETTE - For a Moment

 New single avant garde indie rock NY from the album How the Garden Grows, available September 17, 2021 on Western Vinyl
(digital - Western Vinyl)
L’Objectif - Have It Your Way (10")
Nass Zuruck - Tributes /EP/
Patrick Cowley - Menergy (remixes 2021) /EP/
digi single, video:
Clinic - Fantasy Island
Motorama - Sailor's Song
Grazer - Without You
Night Tapes - In Poly Amber
W O L F C L U B - California Days (feat. Dora Pereli)
The KVB - World On Fire
Small Black - Nobody Loves You (Korine Remix)
Odonis Odonis - Shadow Play
Film School - Isla / Superperfection
Lightfoils - 306 / Summer Nights (Dethmixx)
Girlfriends and Boyfriends - Your Touch
MONO - Riptide
World's End Girlfriend - IN THE NAME OF LOVE
IDLES - Model Village (feat. slowthai)
The Prodigy - Breathe (ft. RZA - Rene LaVice's Dark D&B Remix)


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