23. 12. 2016

Singles of the Week (51/16)

1) Soft Lashes - Lancer

Michael Tenzer, který působí jinak v shoegaze kapele Lazy Legs má už nějaký ten pátek sólo projekt Soft Lashes. Debutoval loni koncem října eponymním 3track EP v duchu chillwave a dream popíku. Letos v listopadu se objevil na jeho bandcampu příjemný singl Heart 2 Heart. Tuto středu je zde dle mě ještě lepší kousek s názvem Lancer, tak proč mu neudělit zlato...

(digital - Wild Patterns)

2) Arctic Moon - Neon Nights

(digital - Future Sound Of Egypt)

3) I am Pentagon - Zdi nemluví

(12" vinyl - Damage Done)

4) Party Hardly - Friendly Feeling

(video - Art Is Hard)

5) Gary Beck - Stupid Advert

(EP - Bek Audio)

True Vision - Against The Grain (7")
DAMAGED HEAD - Gone (7")
Nine Inch Nails - Not the Actual Events (12")
100% - You Are 100% (12")
Tape Delay - M A C A O
High and Fragile - I Was not Well /EP/
The BV's - Runaway Neon /cassette EP/
Blazing Eye - Ways To Die /EP/
Disquiet Apartment - Little Infinities /EP/
Streetlight Fire - Saint Anthony /EP/
Blind Lion - Winter /EP/
Local Blood - A Lure Of Sights /EP/
digi single, video:
Hannah Diamond - Make Believe
Slime Girls - Meteor Showers
Dear Seattle - The Meadows
The Boxer Rebellion - Pull Yourself Together
Valdorea - Premonition
Juveniles - Can We Fix It
Iago De La Vega - Wild Side
Emmit Fenn - Blinded
That Night Forests Grew - So Tell Me
Home$lice - Out of Sight
New Design - I've Never Seen The Ocean
Fenech-Soler - Criminal World
Ice Choir - Designs In Rhythm
Pins - Come On Home (It's Christmas)
Later Days - Tell All Over Again
Overture - Forsaken
Tall Ships - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Ten Fé - Born Slippy.NUXX
The Away Days - Places to Go
Ads Peri - Home On The Moon
Dimension - UK / In Bleach
Polygenic - Polygenic :Reworked
Papalescu2 - Slavia Café
Astari Nite - Lovesick
Sepultura - Phantom Self
Ugly Sun - Pretty One
Tempers - Strange Harvest
Soft Kill - Lost
Moon City Boys - Hopes In Vain
Bent - Swimming In Your House
The Teasers - The Coward
The New Faith - Look The Other Way
Sleep Party People - Silent Night

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