28. 7. 2017

Singles of the Week (30/17)

1) ACTORS - L'appel Du Vide / Crystal

Rozhodně povedený nový singl pro fandy coldwave a synth popu nám podává tento pátek kanadská kapela ACTORS. Jejich začátky spadají do roku 2012 kdy se objevil sedmipalec Post Traumatic Love, který poté dostal i remixy. Doporučuji projet jejich bandcamp, kde najdete jejich singly a EP. To poslední Reanimated je z letošního února a najdete na něm nově zremastrované starší pecky. Novinka v podobě dvojsinglu obsahuje skladby L'appel Du Vide + Crystal, singl vyšel díky domácímu labelu Northern Light.

(digital - Northern Light)

2) Violet Youth - Primary Nature

(EP - ModernSky UK)

3) Waxahatchee - Recite Remorse

(video - Merge)

4) Die! Die! Die! - How Soon Is Too Soon (It’s Not Vintage It’s Used)

(video - Sounds of Subterrania)

5) Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Isotype

(12" vinyl - White Noise)

Sundara Karma - Explore (7")
Milk Teeth - Be Nice (12")
Baical - Euphoria (12")
Softer Still - Visions of You /EP/
Adolescentes sin edad - Adolescentes sin edad /EP/
From Apes To Angels - New Skin /EP/
Previous Love - Previous Love /EP/
Pure Ghost - III /EP/
Gully Boys - Gully Boys /EP/
Age Factory - River /EP/
Dream Haze - Wisher /EP/
grej - i​/​variations /EP/
A.B / Transcend & Hedonistik Ritual / Substanced - River split /EP/
Jaytech - Positronic EP 2 /EP/
digi single, video:
Castlebeat - Heart Still Beats
Wolf Alice - Yuk Foo
Лиловые Тюльпаны - Пожалуйста, только не домой
French_concession - Winter Storm
Lubec - Cosmic Debt
Dinner - Un-American Woman
Sleeptalk - Bright Eyes
Terror Watts - Tough Guy
Boy Harsher - Motion (from 12" vinyl Country Girl out 27/10)
Loomer - Lack
Document - Intermission
Turnover - Sunshine Type
Fleauers - Labirin
Lali Puna - The Bucket
Paradox Obscur - Twilight
Sua Jua - Swirls In The Swimming Pool
Sleep Thieves - Is this ready?
Burial Hex feat. Zola Jesus - The Far
Purity Ring - Asido
Alex Lahey - Every Day's The Weekend
Alvvays - Dreams Tonite
Acre Tarn - Moths
Perhapsy - O, Su Yung
Peach Pyramid - Repeating Myself
White Reaper - Judy French
The Cribs - Rainbow Ridge
TRASH - Migraines (from 10" vinyl out 11/8)
The Violent Hearts - Porcelain World / Hex On Me
Warm Digits - Growth of Raindrops (feat. Sarah Cracknell)
Grave Pleasures - Infatuation Overkill
Общество Пропавших - Девушка С Каре
Ötzi - Charms
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - When I Dance With You
Belle and Sebastian - We Were Beautiful
The Broken Hearts - Magic
INHEAVEN - World On Fire
Gary Numan - My Name Is Ruin
Lawrence Rothman - Wolves Still Cry
Chelsea Wolfe - Vex
Converge - I Can Tell You About Pain
Cabbage - Celebration Of A Disease
Julie & The Wrong Guys - You Wanted What I Wanted
CHUCK - New Yorker
Eydress - Love All Around (feat. Jasmine)
Charli XCX - Boys
Jessica Lea Mayfield - Sorry Is Gone
Amanda Palmer - Grown Man Cry
Sleep Party People - Fainting Spell
Sweet Apple (with Mark Lanegan and Robert Pollard) - World I'm Gonna Leave You
Destrends - Lousy Lover
The Afghan Whigs - You Want Love (feat. James Hall)
:PM - Grown Ups
The Tills - Mother Earth

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