16. 2. 2018

Singles of the Week (07/18)

1) Moaning - Tired

Nová parta od labelu Sub Pop se celkem povedla, Moaning aneb trio z Los Angeles již brzo vydají svůj debut. Z tohoto eponymního post punkového alba již vyšly tři singly. Vše to začalo loni koncem listopadu peckou Don't Go, poté lednovým singlem Artificial a tento týden zveřejnila kapela video ke skladbě Tired. Takže se můžeme těšit již začátkem března na celé album a já doufám že nezklame...

(video, digital - Sub Pop))

2) Kid, Feral - Permanently Stuck in Small Town Limbo

(digital, video - Dog Knights Productions)

3) Korine - Not In Love

(digital - Korine)

4) Indoor Pets - So Soon

(video - East City Rockers)

5) Veranda - Bottled Up

(EP - Veranda)

Ride - Tomorrow's Shore (12")
Mt.Si - 911 (12")
Nerve Clinic - Nerve Clinic /cassette EP/
Roxy Girls - Roxy Girls /EP/
ZDS - Phase 1 /EP/
Candace - Crying Outside /EP/
Twin Youth - Twin Youth /EP/
Tanlines - Presents /EP/
Downhaul - Where We Started /EP/
Why Bonnie - In Water /EP/
Krotkaya - War /EP/
Emma Goldman - Emma Goldman /EP/
No Suits in Miami - No Suits in Miami /EP/
digi single, video:
Forth Wanderers - Not For Me
Iron Reagan - Warning
Kitten - I Did It
Preoccupations - Antidote
Kero Kero Bonito - Only Acting
Iceage - Catch It
VedeTT - It Seems To Be Natural
The New Division - Vices
Brett - Roman Candle (from EP Half out 16/3)
Computer Magic - Perfect Game
Groenlandia - Neón
Gift Wrap - Either Way
Tim Freitag - Bruises (DJ Sour Puss Remix)
Trevor Something - Playin' Me
Piskie Sits - Arm Hurter
Soft Regime - Lockdown
Great Black Night - Let's Get Found
Indoor Voices - You're My
Dad Soda - Six Months / Seasons
Foliage - It's Time
Domiciles - Common Language
Robsongs - Outono
Lowtide - Southern Mind
The Drums - Meet Me In Mexico
High Sunn - Those Last Words
Vowws - Structure of Love
Belle of the Fall - Rise Up
Beach House - Lemon Glow
McCafferty - Loser
Family of the Year - Hold Me Down
Alpaca Sports - Summer Days
Wax Chattels - Stay Disappointed
Moose Blood - Have I Told You Enough
Sophie - Faceshopping

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