14. 9. 2018

Singles of the Week (37/18)

1) Kill The Moose - To The Moon And Back

Francouzská kapela Kill The Moose z města Nice nás tento týden obdarovala novým EP. První materiály v podobě dvou EP The World Is Your Oyster + Good Girl přišly letos v lednu. Jejich muzika míchá indie rock, shoegaze což můžete posoudit na právě vydaném EP To The Moon And Back u labelu DK. Na EP najdete celkem 5 skladeb, já si oblíbil především Fall from Space a úvodní From Here to Now. Příjemný zpěv jinak patří Elisabeth Massena, ještě dodám, že na již klasickém CD to vyjde 5/10.

(EP - Records DK / Alternative Moose)

2) Figure - Parakalein

(cassette EP - Sauna Cool)

3) Cold Beat - A Simple Reflection

(EP - Dark Entries)

4) Super Unison - Parts Unknown

(video - Deathwish Inc.)

5) Fucked Up - House of Keys

(digital - Merge Records / Arts & Crafts)

Holy Forrest - Whirl / Cumulo (7")
First Aid Kit - Tender Offerings (10")
Sextile - 3 (12")
Toy - The Willo​ /​ Energy (12")
Detachments - Chain of Command (12")
XTR HUMAN - Reflections /EP/
2nd Blood - Running Blind /EP/
Aphex Twin - Collapse /EP/
Juiceboxxx - Never Surrender Forever /EP/
Aagoo - Darto - Fundamental Slime /EP/
digi single, video:
Ease - Teaching Crimes
In Her Eye - Change
Company Ink - Crew
The City Gates - Sad Sad Surf
Surf Rock is Dead - Away Message
Pronoun - Wrong
Palamino - Leave Here
Psychocandy - Loops (from EP 66902)
The Number Ones - You're So Happy I Could Cry
Motorama - This Night
Mode Moderne - Oui Madame
Winter - You Don't Know Me
Deaf - Shards
Death Valley Girls - More Dead
Desert Ships - Hammerhead
Satellite Stories - Cut out the Lights
Sauna Youth - No Personal Space
Body Type - Palms (from EP Body Type out 19/10)
Featherfin - Keep on Walking
Wildhoney - Naive Castle
Chorusgirl - No Goodbye
Nightmare Air - Sign of the Times
Night Haze - Love Is Chaos
Spirit of the Beehive - Hypnic Jerks
Molly Nilsson - Days Of Dust
Health - Mass Grave (Feat. Soccer Mommy)
Laibach - The Sound of Music
Rostam - In a River
Indoor Pets - Hi
DD Walker - Do You Miss It
Django Django - Swimming At Night
Dream Eaters - Crucifix
Mayen - Red Clouds
Exploded View - Dark Stains
Den-Mate - XOSO

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