17. 6. 2016

Singles of the Week (24/16)

1) Self Talk - Seeing What I Want To See

Své debut EP nám tuto sobotu představuje Melbournská pětice, Self Talk. Tento melodický indie rock jsme si mohli poprvé vychutnat na singlu Tiny Engines loni v listopadu. Letos v dubnu přišel další s názvem Hypocrite, ten již předcházel ke zmíněnému EP Seeing What I Want To See, stejně jako květnový Clean Washing. Zbytek materiálu doplňují písně Dum Luck, Untitled a Coffee & Wine, vše vychází u The Grace Darling Hotel.

(EP - The Grace Darling Hotel)

2) Corbu - Battles

(digital - Beat (EU) & Big Picnic (US)

3) Cheerleader - A Million Ways

(video - Bright Antenna)

4) Living Hour - Seagull

(video - Lefse)

5) Slow Bloom - Slow Bloom

(EP - Slow Bloom)

Close Lobsters - Desire and Signs (7")
Lessons - Tempest /EP/
Holy Smokes! - Scorched /EP/
Terry vs. Tori - Terry vs. Tori /EP/
Teenage Strangler - Velvet Rope Section /EP/
Callière - Callière /EP/
Sorry Escalator - Sorry Escalator /EP/
Gevatter Tod - It's a Lie /EP/
Lost Gloss - Sometimes /EP/
Better Halves - Keep Running /EP/
Neuman - I Love You /EP/
Cruise Director - In The Driveway After It All /EP/
Tumbas - Tumbas /EP/
Disclosure - Moog For Love /EP/
Oh Dear Vegas! - Summer Wolves /EP/
digi single, video:
Laura Palmer - Event horizon
Frameworks - Fear Of Missing Out
The KVB - Never Enough
M!R!M - Avoid
GOOSE - So Long
PINS - Trouble
Contrast - Vanishing Point
Toy Gun Preachment - Battersea
Ballerina Black - Whails
Electrogenic - Another Day
Angelic Milk - Rebel Black
Moonface and Siinai - Risto's Riff
Hidden Charms - Cannonball
The Creases - Impact
Tiny Fireflies - Ghost
Team Picture - Birthday Blues
Weaves - Tick
Azure Blue - Sommartid (feat. Tilde)
Sundays on Clarendon Road - Getting Older
Děti mezi reprákama - Až se venku oteplí
Midi Lidi - Prosím, kam?
Barbora Poláková - Generace
Fred Madison - Way
Preoccupations - Anxiety
Orchin - Dark / Wasting Time
Sidewalks and Skeletons - Drowning
A★I - Dark Stars
Yumi Zouma - Yesterday
Island - Come With Me
Phantogram - You Don't Get Me High Anymore
In Letter Form - Edison's Medicine
Утро - Сад
Bare Teeth - Goodbye Tuscany
Burning Hearts - Work of Art
Kvelertak - Nattesferd
Thrushes - Two Ships
Totemo - Hits
Compact Disk Dummies - Silver
The So So Glos - Dancing Industry
Silent Planet - Orphan
Kent - Den Vänstra Stranden
Teenage Fanclub - I'm in Love
Two Door Cinema Club - Are We Ready? (Wreck)

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