30. 6. 2017

Singles of the Week (26/17)

1) The Starlight Run - Let's Float

Duo The Starlight Run z amerického Mississippi, tvoří Warren Ard + Neil Carey. Jejich zasněný space rock poprvé zazněl v roce 2014 na EP A Place To Land. To další z téhož roku All This Summer, otevírá povedená Little Pieces Of Everything. V tomto plodném roce ještě přišel další příjemný singl s názvem Angels Are OK / Resistance. Tento pátek kapela hlásí návrat v podobě EP nazvaném Let's Float, tomu předcházel singl Simulations.

(EP - The Starlight Run)

2) Easter Island - Island Nation

Video - Island Nation

(video - Easter Island, exlusive Paste magazine)

3) Document - Alice

(digital - Document)

4) Star Tropics - Gemini

(digital - Shelflife)

5) Liam J Hennessy - Held

(EP - Sound In Silence)

Lød - Folder (12")
Electricks - Riding on the Run /EP/
Landing - Taeppe /EP/
Teen Models - Teen Models /EP/
Manitas Nerviosas - (devoción) /EP/
Battery Point - Star /EP/
cat in the case. - Summer /EP/
Publique - Outlying Self /EP/
Home Seeker - Cemetery Mindset /EP/
Espejos - Gossip /EP/
Mush - Protect Your Brand /EP/
digi single, video:
Vessels - Deflect The Light (feat. The Flaming Lips)
Liars - Cred Woes
Mogwai - Party In The Dark
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Have a Heart
EAT FAST - Immortal Kombat (from 12" out 19/5)
The xx - I Dare You
Bleach Dream - Drown In Colours
Swimming Tapes - Queen's Parade
Foliage - Silence
ionnalee - NOT HUMAN (TR/ST remix)
Cody & Danz - Make it in America
Loners - Glass
British Sea Power - Don't Let The Sun Get In The Way
The National - Guilty Party
The Tambo Rays - Always Down
BOYS - Dreamland
CYMBALS - Car Crash
FAZI - Lies in Lies
uvii - Lunacy
I Know Leopard - Let Go
Baywaves - Gliss
Widowspeak - Dog
Spirit Valley - TNNLVSSN
If It Serves You - The Shyness of Strangers
The Church - Another Century
Moody Beach - All I Do
Tall Friend - Small Space
Tashaki Miyaki - Facts of Life
Tender - Nadir
Will Samson - Welcome Oxygen
Loose Buttons - Am I The Only Reason
Has A Shadow - Sorrow
Boris - Memento Mori
Arcade Fire - Signs of Life
Amy O - History Walking
Gordi - Heaven I Know

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