7. 7. 2017

Singles of the Week (27/17)

1) The Black Veils - The Comforting Taste of Another Springtime Torture

Italská indie scéna nám jak mnozí víte hezky vzkvétá, třeba výborní Brothers in Law mě loni naprosto dostaly dubnovým koncertem v Basement Baru. Další kapelou z města Bologna, kterou mám rád je trio The Black Veils. To letos vydalo v lednu povedené druhé album Dealing With Demons, kde se nachází taky skladba The Comforting Taste of Another Springtime Torture. Jejich začátky jinak spadají do roku 2014, o rok později bylo venku debut album Blossom. Tady je nové ofi video ke zmiňovanému singlu.

(video - The Black Veils)

2) Nicota - Kapitola I.

(EP - Nicota)

3) Wolf Alice - Don't Delete The Kisses

(digital - Dirty Hit)

4) Fawns Of Love - Falling​ / ​Standing

(7" vinyl, cassette - Fawns Of Love)

5) Street Bird - There is so Much in Forever

(EP - Suburban Bastard)

Puppybrother - Leave It Where It Lays /EP/
Astragal / Donna Hayward - split /EP/
Plant Cell - Queen of the nebula - Fairy lurking in the thundercloud /EP/
The Breaks - Misery /EP/
Merit - EP II /EP/
Trampolene - Beautiful Pain /EP/
digi single, video:
The Daysleepers - Creation
TOY - Dream Orchestrator (TVAM Remix)
Who Loves You - Fall Apart With You
Carta - Madeira
Yi - Not So Dead
Death Bells - Roman Candles
Shout Out Louds - Jumbo Jet
Adult Books - Firewalking
Unn - Until Next Time (Codex empire remix)
Four Tet - Two Thousand And Seventeen
Мытищи - Не Один (feat. Маковея)
Gary Numan - My Name Is Ruin
Blue Of Noon - Spell
Twist Helix - Little Buildings
5 Billion In Diamonds - I'm Becoming You
Guest Actors - When Everything Ends
Lost Horizons - The Places We've Been
Orchin - I Think I
Cults - Offering
Plastic Picnic - Miss It Still
The Charlatans - Different Days
Shortstraw - The Less We're Together
JONAH - Wicked Fever
XETAS - The Tower
BRONCHO - Get In My Car
The Death of Pop - Breathing
Dakota - Silver Tongue
White Poppy - Love Potion
Cut Copy - Airborne
Mato polo - Ikkje min feil m / Charlie skien
Kele Okereke - Streets Been Talkin'

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