1. 9. 2017

Singles of the Week (35/17)

1) Bicep - Aura

Londýnské dvojce Bicep, která míchá chytlavý electro house, techno i disco právě dnes v pátek vychází eponymní debutové album. Andrew Ferguson + Matthew McBriar to v tomto projektu rozjeli v roce 2008, na svém kontě mají celkem dost EP i singlů. Z aktuální desky jsou venku 3 singly Glue, Vale a Aura. Ten poslední vyšel jinak i jako 12" vinyl a tento týden dostal i ofi video pod známým labelem Ninja Tune.

(video - Ninja Tune)

2) Shallow - Same Difference

(EP - Shallow)

3) Yüksen Buyers House - Slowdance

(video - Less+ Project (from EP Out of the Blue out 2/8)

4) Liars - Cred Woes

(video - Mute)

5) Thyla - Pristine Dream

(digital, video - Rex)


Easter Island - Island Nation (Single of the Week No.2 26/17)

(new youtube video - Easter Island)

BOYS - Dreamland (Single of the Week No.4 32/17)

(video - BOYS)

Schwefelgelb - Den Umgekehrten Atem (12")
Charcoal Skies - Tides /EP/
Graver - Graver /EP/
Glass Arcades - Threads /EP/
Rainsound - Kindling /EP/
Dactylion - Come Inside /EP/
Plattenbau / Fun Fare - split /cassette EP/
Cetra - Renaissance /EP/
冬の海echoes - Frames /EP/
LLLL - Chains Phase 3 /EP/
Qrion - Just A Part Of Life /EP/
Bad Insects - Double Drums /EP/
Bad District - Bluff /EP/
Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun (remixes) /EP/
Holy Golden - The Licking River /EP/
digi single, video:
Wy - You + I
Anorak. - Hollow / Memo
Drab Majesty - Oak Wood
Cigarettes After Sex - Sweet
Violet Youth - She Said (from Primary Nature EP, Single of the Week No.2 (30/17)
Lowtide - Alibi
The Luxembourg Signal - Blue Field
Jetstream Pony - Like You Less
Suburban Living - Come True
Pink Milk - Awakening of Laura
Rainsound - Wake (Sunlight at the Bottom of the Ocean)
Blis. - Take Me Home
Bully - Running
Beliefs - Comb
The Vryll Society - Shadow of a Wave
We Are Parasols - Concrete
Fruity Water - Wasted Summer
Syzzors - First
Sapphire Slows - The Edge of My Land
Indoor Voices - I'm Sorry
John Maus - The Combine
Odonis Odonis - Check My Profile
Old Skool Style - Hardcore Unity
Acid Overload - Beats Are Broken
Marc Smith & Chris Fear - Enjoy The Noize
Bolinas - Angostura
Yumi Zouma - Persephone
The National - Day I Die
Deep.Sleep - Soho
Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Over Everything
Charly Bliss - DQ
The Glass Beads - Phobia
The Old Firm Casuals - Never Say Die
The Microdance - Hippo Highway
Moth - I Dream in Black and White
Monophona - The Benefit Of The Doubt
Milk Teeth - Fight Skirt
Easter - Cuppa
Anthony - We All Die Alone
St. Vincent - New York
Aran Epochal / Tahle hudba - Svoboda tyvole

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