8. 9. 2017

Singles of the Week (36/17)

1) Dead Leaf Echo - Temple

Celkem známá kapela pro fandy současného shoegaze, Dead Leaf Echo bude mít již brzo venku své druhé album Beyond.Desire. Letos již vypustila tato NY parta EP Strawberry Skin, kterou tam mimojiné také najdete. Těch EP mají na svém kontě od roku 2006 co tak počítám celkově sedm, debutové album Thought & Language vyšlo v roce 2013. Z toho nového byl dříve vypuštěn singl Lemonheart, tentokrát je na řadě před vydáním skladba Temple. Deska jinak vyjde 13/10 pod PaperCup Music.

(digital - Papercup Music)

2) Alvvays - Lollipop (Ode To Jim)

(digital - Polyvinyl)

3) Pastel Coast - Vague Noire

(EP - Noord Sfeer Records Collective)

4) Obvious Creature - Time

(digital - Golden Brown)

5) Cupid Youth - Solar

(digital - Cupid Youth, cover Blitz off of Second Empire Justice 1983)

De Ambassade - Verloren (7")
Suzi Wu - Teenage Witch (12")
Seán McGowan - Graft & Grief (12")
Mourn - Over The Wall /EP/
Triumphant Race - All Over Again /EP/
The Peer Council - EP /EP/
Hot Knife - My Fangs /EP/
Grey Hairs - On And Off /EP/
Umek - Are You into My Groove /EP/
Creo - Subtitles For X, Y, Z /EP/
Ease - Let It Burn, Let It Die /EP/
Lockrum - Juno /EP/
digi single, video:
Nocturnal Tapes - Wake Up (from Visions IV EP out 25/8)
Lunch Ladies - Pick Yourself Up
Loud Forest - Wake Up
Oneohtrix Point Never - The Pure and the Damned (ft. Iggy Pop)
The Front Bottoms - Vacation Town
Pindrops - Lines
Airiel - The Painkillers
Děti deště - Herodion
Bad Breeding - Endless Impossibility
Danny L Harle - Me4U starring Kim Chi
Dumb Lovers - Girl
Death Bells - Something Above
Samson - Shake The Fire
Oscuridad Romántico - There She Goes
Happy Meals - May You Be The Mother
Hariguem Zaboy - Whispering
Havah - Al Di Fuori Del Male
Krank - Totem
Mu - Easy
Flowermouth - Serotonin
Worlds - Good Shit
AK/DK - Morphology
Altas Nubes - Jóvenes​ / ​Árboles
Prawn - Rooftops
Kagoule - Monsieur Automaton
Oberhofer - Sea of Dreams
Llovers - I Don't Mind
Beck - Up All Night
Tops - Marigold & Gray
Changelings - Baby We're Falling Upwards
Iron Chic - My Best Friend (Is a Nihilist)
Architects - Doomsday
Yourself In Peace - Cover Charge
The Horrors - Weighed Down
Dream Wife - Fire
The Dream Syndicate - Filter Me Through You
The Amazons - Ultraviolet
Kingsbury - Alone Again
La Scaltra - Cantate
The Churchhill Garden - Breath. (feat. ben aylward)
Magic Potion - Rest Yr Skull (from 7"split BOYS out 20/10)
Public Service Broadcasting - Turn No More (ft. James Dean Bradfield)
London Grammar - Non Believer
!!! - NRGQ

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